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Accessibility Policy

This site was designed in compliance with web standards defined by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) including guidelines for web content accessibility set by the WAI (Web Acessibility Initiative). Thanks to this, this site is accessible to all users, including senior citizens or disabled persons who have disabilities.

Site complies with accessibility benefits all users. Here are a few advantages:

    - The contents of the site is logical and hierarchical,
    - Pages are generally 30 to 80% faster to display,
    - The site is independent of the browser used, but is optimized for Mozilla Firefox .

Navigation principles

You will find all pages on the site navigational elements include:

    - Elifes logo takes you back to the home page from pages within the site
    - Priority links at bottom of page: accessibility, site map, legal notice, contact

Quick access links like "skip to content" are particularly useful for visually impaired people, are also present at the beginning of the page on all pages.

Text Size

Text size can be adjusted according to the possibilities offered by different browsers:

    - Internet Explorer: Select the menu "View, Text Size"
    - Mozilla: Select "View, Text Size"
    - Opera: Select the menu "View, Zoom"
    - Safari: Select "Presentation; Enlarge / Reduce Text Size"

If you're using a wheel mouse, most browsers allow you to increase the size of the text by combining the wheel with a key on the keyboard:

    - Windows: Ctrl + mouse wheel
    - Mac: Apple + mouse wheel

Browser Compatibility

This site is compatible with all recent browsers supporting HTML 4.01 and CSS 2 and complies with the vocabulary and grammar XHTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) recommended by the W3C.

It is possible that you may experience display issues with older browsers include:

    - Netscape 3 and IE 3: incomplete HTML content and CSS layout
    - Netscape 4 and IE 4: incomplete handling of CSS layout
    - Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror, Omniweb, Safari before version 1.2, Opera Windows / Linux before version 7 do not support keyboard shortcuts.

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