Service at your Service

Although you receive

To make our services your services Elifes offers food quality, adapted to each institution. This means both welcome, serve, inform, surprise, listen, and offer an environment, because our job is also to live an experience.

Accommodate and care for the environment of the meal

Treat the environment of the meal is as important as the contents of the plate. Elifes then based on:
    - The meaning of home
    - A keen eye for detail: these tables provide neat and clean dishes studied,
    - An original staging: the global design offers restoration is working with internal or external experts.

Listen You

In Elifes we feed in the opinion of our customers and consumers to improve every day.
For our consumers, surveys are conducted at regular intervals among working adults, children and patients to understand their expectations and measure their satisfaction. These are quantitative surveys or exploratory talks, which guide us in terms of actions.
For our customers, we conduct qualitative interviews guarantee the objectivity of the investigation.

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