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The Hospitality by Elifes

In health facilities, Elifes offers "hospitality" services to help welfare of patients, staff, relatives and visitors.

Whether public or private health institutions are responding today to the need for competitiveness, competition and value which, at equivalent quality care, hospitality services (accommodation, catering, cleaning, maintenance. ) have a role.

By outsourcing to a professional management of a large number of these services, the health facility may focus on its core business, such as medicine and care, while ensuring the welfare and comfort patient, staff and visitors.

We have implemented "Hospitality", a bid that covers 5 main areas: food, hygiene and environment, time management free operation of equipment. Thus, we can respond to our vocation, contribute to improved quality of life for all:
    • Yours, because we want to be closer to the concerns of our customers
    • That of your patients and their loved ones, creating a serene and reassuring atmosphere, conducive to a better recovery
    • The nursing staff of your institution, adapting to their tastes and expectations

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