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Elifes is also dedicated to multi-technical maintenance activities (Troubleshooting and Maintenance) and offers its customers expertise in performing technical maintenance services; work in environmental engineering and public works and maintenance of professional kitchens.

Elifes is also the technical maintenance in high-tech buildings, clinics, universities:

    * Maintaining the technical equipment and optimize their operation
    * Establish an efficient management of energy and fluids
    * Ensure the safety, hygiene and comfort of occupants
    * Implement measures to protect the environment
    * Controlling and reducing maintenance costs

A powerful knowledge:

    * Multidisciplinary teams
    * Methods certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
    * An engineering department

        Scope of intervention
        Electrical Engineering

        Regulatory controls
        Production and distribution of energy

        Energy management
        High Current & Low

        Access Controls

        Plumbing & Water Treatment

        Fire Extinguishers
        Fire Safety

        Seconds works


        Professional kitchens


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